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In 2018, 13.6% of consumers chose reseller hosting for their hosting needs in the total hosting market. The demand for web hosting on a global scale was worth $90.6 billion in 2018. By 2025, it's projected to increase to more than $216 billion. That is a growth rate of almost 15%, which is impressive. The fastest-growing technology of cloud computing is also expected to see an annual growth of 18.3 percent by 2025.

Starting a reseller hosting business is a great idea right now, as the future of this field is shining bright like a diamond. Reseller hosting allows you to host websites for your clients without having your servers. You re-rent the server space and resources from a conventional hosting firm to your clients.

The hosting provider will be responsible for owning, maintaining, handling hardware issues, and providing technical support for the servers. You don't have to worry about these issues, and with relatively low investment, you can start your own hosting business.


What Is Reseller Hosting?

In reseller hosting, customers purchase a variety of web hosting plans in bulk from the web hosting provider. After splitting apart the web hosting package, the hosting provider resells it.

The merchant firm is the web hosting provider that offers the reseller package, and the reseller is referred to as the reseller host.

The reseller web host could seem to the clients as a reputable web hosting company, whereas you would be "reselling" a reputable web host's services. The standard pattern is to purchase a reseller hosting package and then use the allocated resources to offer to host to customers.

Each customer gets access to their own Control Panel, enabling them to manage their accounts. All these results in the customers thinking that the reseller host's infrastructure provides the server and the services.


How does Reseller Hosting Work?

1. Establishing Business Goals

To name just a few, your business objectives should include points like achieving sales targets, growing your clientele, boosting website traffic, etc. You can improve your strategy and business development with a clearly defined target market and business plan.

2. Study Of The Hosting Providers

Please do your research before selecting a web hosting provider. You can do this by looking online on search engines for reviews and comments, their social media pages, getting in touch with their sales and support personnel, and comparing their plans and pricing to those of other hosts.

Your business will grow to greater levels with the support of the right web host. When selecting a web hosting company, remember that their feature should complement your company's objectives and what you wish to provide for your clients.

3. Choose The Most Practical Hosting Provider.

You should seek a web hosting provider that offers good customer service, order management, reasonable pricing, the ability to add software packages, extendable plans, speedy website loading times, etc.

4. Purchase An Apt Reseller Bundle

Choose the reseller hosting packages that suit the needs and goals of your company. Examine the plans offered by the several reseller hosting service providers before choosing the one that best suits your needs.

5. Make hosting bundles

You may build your brand name hosting plans after purchasing the proper plan from the merchant host.

6. Plan The Budget.

A big-budget does not necessarily translate into a profitable business endeavor. Instead, choosing suitable investments and revenue-generating tactics is essential for success. It would be best if you avoided budget overspending, as it might lead to issues in other places where you may need to make purchases later in your business.

7. Display The Plan On Your Website.

You may display the information on your website once you've decided on the web hosting packages and the price. To draw clients, you may also provide discounts on different schemes.

8. Recognize Your Clients

It would help if you decided who your target market is, such as illustrators, programmers, companies, writers, e-commerce companies, etc.

9. Promote The Plans

You are now prepared to advertise your web hosting options on a website. You may utilize social media channels and various internet marketing tools to promote the web hosting packages and deals.

10. Sell Hosting Services

This is when you start making money by offering your clients web hosting services.

What Are The Pros Of Reseller Hosting?

1. Brand Development

You obtain resources through reseller hosting from a larger web hosting company. With reseller hosting, you have the chance to both develop your identity and as well as the primary brand image.

It entails that your consumers won't even be aware that you have purchased or rented the identical resources from another service provider when you are hosting other websites.

2. Reduced Costs and Expenses

The idea is comparable to a wholesaler selling items in quantity rather than just one or two like a shop does. Therefore, Reseller Hosting Business is an excellent choice for those looking to open a new business.

Furthermore, there aren't any prerequisites for getting the infrastructure, tools, or technology that you'll need to provide expert hosting services to other consumers.

3. Monetary Prospects

If you want to sell add-ons, reseller hosting offers significant potential for extra cash. VPS hosting, d Dedicated hosting, dedicated IP addresses, SSL certificates, domain registrations, and other add-ons are a few samples of the additional revenue-generating add-ons.

4. Added Features

While researching hosting packages, you need to compare reseller hosting packages with those for basic hosting. You will notice that the latter has a more significant set of options.

Additionally, the control panel you receive with reseller hosting is far more functional. This helps you in managing websites more straightforwardly. Also, a few providers will provide you with unique options like cPanel and several SSL certificates.

5. The Main Focus Is Business

You must already be aware that the wholesale web hosting service provider is in charge of selling or renting the different services to you while also taking care of all other technical aspects. This covers all duties about connection, server upkeep, security, and upgrades.

This makes reselling hosting advantageous since it saves you a lot of time. It is easier to handle all the other simpler components of the hosting business rather than being weighed down with the various technical details.


What Are The Cons Of Reseller Hosting?

1. A lot of time is required for customer service.

Regardless of the sort of hosting, answering consumer questions is essential if you're starting a web hosting firm. Additionally, it might harm the company's credibility if you don't spend enough time diagnosing and addressing issues.

2. Effect of Switching Providers on Customer Ratio

The issue will be moving every piece of data from your previous server to the new server in case you choose to switch service providers.

This procedure may be hazardous and challenging. Therefore, a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or appropriate dedicated server is preferred to help you in such situations.

3. Major relying on Apex Web Hosting Company

Undoubtedly your company will be directly impacted by the apex hosting company from whom you purchase or lease your resources.

For instance, the server's performance will be necessary for your business image. If the apex company has a more significant number of technical problems, then it would hurt your image and revenue.

4. The Degree of Complexity Is Significant

The control panels and functions of reseller hosting will probably be complex for you to use if you are not experienced at running a hosting company website.


Shared Hosting vs. Reseller Hosting

The shared hosting provider only provides one cPanel account with the resources stated for each tier and often caters to those who may have recently launched a business or intend to create a Blog.  

Therefore, everyone who runs one or more websites and doesn't require many resources can go for shared hosting.


Customers that wish to offer a platform for other people to host their websites are those who employ reseller hosting. These customers join in with a WHM login and can create cPanel profiles within the parameters of their deal.

This is frequently utilized by aspiring business owners who want to launch their web hosting service or by web designers and developers who want to expand their brands' offerings.


Reseller Hosting vs. Affiliate Programs

Without any hesitation, it was evident that one of these solutions is better than the other, but deciding which one is better depends on your business goals and requirements. When choosing between these two options, your selection should be based on your long-term objectives while keeping in mind your clients' needs at all times.

Even though reseller hosting is not free, you need to pay to avail of its services. On the other hand, the affiliate program is free to join, and the prospects that come after reseller hosting are often substantially more rewarding. Although reseller hosting takes a bit longer to get going, it is the ideal choice for anyone with the necessary time and energy.

1. Website Transfer

If your existing host provides a free website migration service, that's great since it can help you attract more clients. Make sure that your chosen provider is aware of your transfer needs and knows how to handle the different situations.

2. Inclusion of Email Accounts

Inquire if the email will be a part of the hosting accounts you establish for your customers or if there will be an additional charge for this feature.

3. Backups

Check to see if daily backups are a part of the plans the seller is offering or if you need to charge extra for them from your customer.

4. Consumer Assistance

A critical aspect that many people overlook is customer service. The question is, who is the main support point of contact for your end-users? Who will provide a helping hand to them?

Most reseller hosting businesses support their resellers, who then have to serve their customers.

5. Evaluate the Software

It's crucial to assess the server software architecture and decide if you can run your apps there before moving forward with any decision.


How to Start a Reseller Business?

Before beginning your business as a reseller, your website must reach the intended market. When you purchase a reseller package, you receive a control panel that enables you to manage, set up, and run the backend of websites, emails, and domain administration for your company and your customers.

Your web hosting service provider will handle everything if you lack experience configuring and administering domains.


How to Make Money Using Reseller Hosting?

Selling SSL certificates, registering domains, moving websites, providing technical support, and many other activities can generate revenue for you. Selling a plan that is profitable for your company and also cost-effective for customers allows you to make money.

Since you can charge your clients whatever amount you want for your plans, reseller hosting enables you to make a handsome profit.


What is Included in Reseller Hosting Plan?

If you receive a Linux OS and Windows reseller hosting plan, then the reseller hosting should include the following resources:

Unlimited domain hostings

cPanel with WHM



Plesk Accounts


SSD disk space

Email Accounts


Plesk Onyx 17.x

SSL certificate

1-Click App Installer


These are just a few examples. The resource cap can vary depending on the web hosting companies.



Reseller hosting is one of the most affordable methods to launch your business, regardless of whether you're just starting out or already providing web design and development services. It is the ideal hosting because it is adaptable, dependable, and safe. It can assist you in developing your company into a one-stop-shop for all online requirements, from hosting and designing to administering and maintaining it for your clients. Just be careful when buying a hosting package from a provider. Make sure the package delivers managed web hosting services at the most reasonable price and remarkable customer support. And when in doubt, you can always check hosting company reviews on! We host reviews on over 4000 hosting companies!