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Several businesses provide free hosting services, and small websites or personal blogs might benefit from this form of hosting. The websites are hosted free of charge; hence no payment is required.

They also provide a free sub-domain, so you are not required to have your domain name. However, certain free hosting companies allow customers to utilize their registered domain name and have up to 1GB of storage space and 5GB of data transmission. But for further premium services, you may need to switch your account from a free host to a premium hosting service.

But as we all know, nothing in this world is free. Similarly, free web hosting services come with their share of problems. Free web hosting offers fewer resources, which means your websites could easily go offline, there wouldn't be any technical assistance, and your website will be less protected.  

The hosting company keeps the authority to erase your website as per convenience and doesn't let you upload files bigger than a specific size.


Why do web hosting companies offer free web hosting?

Not only does hosting use up a lot of internet traffic, server disc space, and power. Leasing or developing real office space, paying for maintenance and support staff costs, purchasing and maintaining gear, and covering other expenses can be costly.

You should thus ask yourself: "Why would any corporation offer web hosting for free?"

Well, here are some of the causes:

This is true even for providers that give startups and small businesses free hosting since they anticipate that they will require more hosting resources as the firm expands.

1. Ad-Financed

The bills are paid by advertising revenue, which may be through banner advertisements or affiliate connections. So if you sign up, be prepared for ads on your webpage.

Be aware that some free web providers do not display adverts, but they could have alternative means of covering their costs, so read your terms of service carefully.

2. All For Marketing

Some hosts will provide a free tier to attract clients before upselling them on a paying plan or related item. The firm can offer the free service because of the paying/premium service, and then they anticipate that some of their free users will subsequently upgrade to one of their paid hosting plans or other paid items.

3. It's A Commercial Tactic

Sometimes these organizations operate as independent corporations or construct separately branded "sister sites" to differentiate between the free and the premium service.

But frequently, the same people and equipment are working behind the scenes. They create the illusion of individual platforms.

4. To Test A Feature Or Their Entire Business

Several web servers may give away some of their offerings for free to try out their new ideas and features.

Individuals, newcomers, students, testers, and anyone who does not want to sign long-term deals, should use free web hosting.

1. If you are new to self-hosting and still want to investigate this choice without spending significant money on it. Then free web hosting can be good for you.

But remember that many web hosting providers provide free trials that you can use, so you can look into that too before going for the latter option.

2. If you want to start working on your internet project immediately but are short on funds. Then you need to accept the risk and be willing to embrace the dangers that come with free hosting, as you don't have many options other than this. In this case, free web hosting can also be a good fit.

3. If with your website, you don't mind experiencing a lot of downtimes while it runs and you are capable of solving technical problems on your own, that may come in your way eventually.

Then free web hosting is a good choice for you as this hosting does not have practical customer assistance, and the customer has to rely on their knowledge for solutions to problems they face during the hosting.