HostingFoxy FAQ Center

HostingFoxy is a Web hosting review platform that allows Web hosting companies to build credibility and reputation among their potential market. Consumers can rate and provide feedback on various products and services on HostingFoxy.

The portal allows Web Hosting businesses to understand customer perspective, improve customer feedback, increase customer satisfaction, and multiply their business. HostingFoxy is an online review platform with all the standard facilities, but its differentiators are exceptional customer support and review policy.

HostingFoxy provides you with reviews on above 4500+ web hosting companies. You can choose the company you think aligns with your needs the best and go forth confidently.

We also provide basic information about web hosting like price, domains, disk space, bandwidth, and money-back guarantee.

This information and the reviews will help you make an informed decision.

What's more, you can filter the reviews from various filters to narrow your search.

#1: Establish Trust:

Using the online portal appropriately can help you gain trust, which you know is very difficult. Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose. 92% of buyers will likely buy your service or product after reading a trusted review.

#2: Opportunity To Directly Communicate With Customers

Reviews enlighten you about the customer perspective of your product or service. They paint the entire customer journey for you to analyze. Reviews tell you where you lack and excel, respectively. Thus helping you improve the customer experience. HostingFoxy allows Web Hosting companies to interact with customers to probe more about the experience. The website enables a dialogue between companies and customers where they investigate the situation and resolve the problem, giving an outstanding customer experience.

#3: Helps You Rank Higher In Search Engines

According to Moz, positive online reviews boost your organic local search rankings. Simultaneously, negative sentiment in the review negatively impacts the rankings. These reviews could be google reviews, self-website reviews, or third-party site reviews.

1. First, Sign In to your account or Sign Up if you have not yet signed up.

2. Next, click on the Add Company button in the top right corner.

3. In the next window, enter the website URL, Company Name, Category, Location and Description, then click on Submit New Company.

4. Finally, HostingFoxy will check the company before adding it to its database.

1. First, Sign In to your account or Sign Up if you have not yet signed up.

2. Then search your company name in the 'Search For A Company' box.

3. A list of similar listings will appear below.

4. Click on the Read all reviews for 'your company.'

5. On the company listing page, click on the 'Claim this company' button.

6. Next, you will be prompted to enter your official email address.

7. Once the verification is complete, you will have claimed your company listing over HostingFoxy.